Monday, September 18, 2017

A Recovery Poem by: Karen Melcho

Ring ring....This is your life calling...
Pick up! This is your life calling!
Is anyone home?

Wham Bam Thank you ma'am
Slam a bag of dope & say hello to your death.
Bottom of a bottle plunge of a syringe
Janice Jimmy Jim all found the end
It's your lover  It's your friend
It's all you need to depend on
Just a quick pick me up
Up off the floor  But I NEED some more
Need for that fix & I'm up to my old tricks
Cause that voice in my head that says I'm better off dead
Is a constant scream, a willful whisper
(shhh...Can you hear that? It's your life calling...)
But the Truth is hard to hear.
Should I look to the sky? Or down to the ground?
At the face in the mirror stricken with fear?
Because my eyes lie.
So I...
Put the needle in the vein & things are still the same.
20 on the stem & I'm at it again.
Drama drama everywhere. I need a hit
to get through this shit.
The system fucked me, nobody loves me,
my heroes are dead, that voice in my head,
Beam & coke, a long deep toke,
Peanut's got that fire & I'm burning with a desire
to get high...
O you sly fox, you slick dog
carry me into that beautiful fog
Put me into a fugue, a tender dream,
make things seem not as they seem.
Would you wrap me in your arms?
Caress the back of my brain? Cradle
& hold me, make it not so insane?

I've been doing this dance for such a long time
Getting fucked up just to feel fine.

Polished every spoon, pricked every vein,
cracked every stem, held onto the reins.
Popped every pill, burnt both my thumbs,
rubbed every bottle but the genie never comes.
And I've only got one wish, one thing I need
God lift me out of this Hell & grant me

I want to feel the breeze blow through the trees
I want to hear the rain hit my window pane
Wish on a star & end this war 
inside myself
Be still for a moment, catch my breath
Say Hello to my life & not yet to my death.

So just for today, I'll fold hands & pray
for the opportunity
that when I hear that ring
check the caller ID
see my Life calling me

I will be able to answer