Tuesday, May 7, 2019

A Shot of Dope's?

     Is "A Shot of Dope," politically correct? Probably not. The truth is I'm not talking about drugs. I'm not using this as slang either. Instead, it's a metaphor.  A formal noun meaning "A stupid person." I can think of quite a few in the political arena when it come to the ongoing addiction crisis. Ok, maybe a lot.
     After watching October 15, 2017's 60 Minutes episode, I feel rather compelled to voice my opinion. That's correct, I said opinion. I will litter this op/ed with plenty of facts, and my passion for life will leak from my heart into this blog and I expect many of my readers will feel the same way that I do. So please accept this as my disclaimer.
     As we poke and prod at Tom Marino over this disturbing scandal we must not forget about the other 534 congress members that so eloquently let this statute slip through their proverbial greasy fingers. Oh, and former Commander and Chief Barrack Obama.