Thursday, July 14, 2011

starting over

Starting over is a tough thing. I've had to do it many times especially recently with the cutting. I've recently messed up again. Now I am in the stage of starting over. It's hard to put one foot after another sometimes, even do the things you're suppose to do on a regular basis. I'm not sure if I feel like giving up or moving forward sometimes. A lot of this is making a decision myself. No one can help me if I don't want it. I have to pray and ask for willingness and a desire both of which I am lacking right now. That's just where i'm at.                                                                                                 

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william said...

I know a guy with a few yrs clean, career on the upswing, just got married. When he moved out of his house, he had two trash bags full of keytags, hundreds of white, orange, yellow, blue, even a few that glowed in the dark! Recovery affords as many chances as you ask for. Keep Coming Back! LUV!

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