Friday, June 17, 2011

Just ironic

            My journey these past 2 years has been a long hard road. I have been to many places and seen many things. I have gone to 5 different hospitals, 1 crisis center, 2 treatment facilities, and recovery houses. Every hospital I would go in would just load me up with pills, shots, worthless groups, and a 2 second doctor visit. I never received any help I was just pushed around place to place. Not getting any answers and having no success, I was wasting time and money. The state pays money for these hospitals and facilities. It is a very costly business. This money could be spent towards a place that will actually give me the help I need a place that won’t just push me around and send me to another hospital. If the state would spend the money on these types of places imagine the lives we could change. The cost of one of my hospital stays was 42,000 dollars. This is a lot of money to spend on a hospital visit especially considering that at the time I had no insurance thus fore the state will be paying for most of this. If the state spent this kind of money on places like McShin think of all the people that would actually receive some help. You don’t get what you really need when you go to a hospital. You get it here at McShin. That has been my experience.

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william said...

Help comes after we make a decision, not before. Where and when money is spent is irrelevant to recovery. All these places had something to offer, it's just that sometimes we aren't in a position to receive it. I'm glad you're getting what you need at McShin, just know that it's your decision to receive it that makes the biggest difference. LUV!

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