Thursday, June 30, 2011

What is recovery to me?

Recovery is many things. It is rebuilding a persons life and their family as well. We try to recovery from many things,but we will never fully recovery. We will always be recovering. It is a process, and it doesn't happen overnight. We will always have room to grow. This is a slow process, and it takes time. You learn many new things as well as a new way to live in this process of recovery. Recovery to me, is a new way of life. Right now I am still working on being an independent self sufficient member of society. Recovery teaches you how to listen and learn. Recovery also brings a new happiness into your life. I now have a whole slew of people I consider my family. These people have been a huge factor in saving my life. Recovery to me is also working a 12 step program, but due to anonymity I will not discuss it further. Recovery isn't just a part of life for me it is my life. I am immersed in recovery on a daily basis. This is why I am still alive right now. Recovery has took me under its wing and breathed life into me. I owe my life to the people I encounter everyday and to the 12 step program I am a part of.

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william said...

Our literature claims that "we do recover!". There will come a time when we don't simply go through our days NOT getting high, but actually spread our wings and live again. It is a process, and it sometimes seems slow, but I promise, one day you'll look up and realize the whole day went by and I didn't think about getting high. Took over 3 yrs for me, in the beginning every thought and daydream was about drugs, but with yrs on the street, it was only natural. With yrs off the street, we retrain ourselves to think and act differently, that's why there's only one thing we have to change, EVERYTHING! NA tells me I will learn to live again, not spend the rest of my life NOT getting high, it's a goal worth achieving. LUV!

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