Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chris 2011


Anonymous said...

Hey, Chris, I am glad to hear you are doing better; I met and talked with you at McShin a couple of days ago; but don't know if you remember. I am still thinking and praying for you and your recovery process; and will be watching to see what great things God (my higher power) will be doing in your life. I know it must be hard; but you have alot of people supporting you; and a great organization there at McShin. Take care of yourself, you are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Judy

Anonymous said...

Hey, Chris, checking in on you, wanting to know how you are doing, there at the McShin Recovery Foundation. Know you are getting better with all the love and support from the people there; and just wanted you to know that I am still praying and believing for you every day and night; for your recovery and also for your future that lies ahead. It's ALL GOOD!!!!! Judy

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