Monday, June 25, 2018

New Story

My name is Mike R. I am in short term recovery from substance use disorder. On June 15th 2018 I was released from prison into the custody of The McShin foundation. While I was incarcerated I communicated with Honesty L. (CEO of McShin) to try and use McShin as alternative sentencing. Long story short I was given a lighter sentence in lieu of going to the McShin Foundation upon my release. I cant explain how happy and excited I am for this opportunity. 

How I got here. I first found out about McShin in 2008, when I caught my first drug charge. My parents were looking for anyway they could to try and help me kick this awful disease. They told me they would bond me out of jail contingent on the fact that I go to this recovery community organization. So I went there, but there was no way I was ready to stop getting high. My story is no different from any one else. Over the next decade my disease got exponentially worse and each time I got locked up it was for longer and longer stints. As of current, I have given Virginia and North Carolina Department of Corrections over 6 1/2 years of my life. All behind using drugs. 

The last time I got locked up was because of an overdose. I was with someone and explained to them how to use a Nar-can shot. They panicked and decided to call 911 instead. I was left with my lips blue, needle in my arm and heroin in my lap. I can' be mad at who I was with because if I didn't get locked up when I did more than likely I wouldn't be here to tell my story. Getting out and transitioning has not been the easiest thing to deal with. I realize now that I cant stop using on my own, I need the help from my peers in recovery. McShin has helped give me another chance at life and for that I am eternally grateful.