Wednesday, January 9, 2013

General Assembly Starts Today

Virginia's General Assembly is back in session! I wonder what our elected officials are going to do this year to combat the war on drugs. Rehabilitation? Road to recovery? Or incarceration ... Most of America's prisons are run by huge privately-owned, for-profit corporations that make billions per year on the war on drugs by incarcerating addicts instead of allocating more money and refining ways to rehabilitate drug users. Did you know the state spends an average of around $40 a day to incarcerate one person? That number does not include the amount that the inmate will inevitably spend on phone cards, collect calls, and commissary. Privately owned prisons and smaller, related for-profit companies (snack makers, tennis shoe makers, phone companies) can use just a small amount of their profit to fund local politician's campaign funds... So when it comes time for your elected official to make it at least look like they are doing something to combat the drug problem, why not take the easier way out without addressing the real, underlying problem?

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