Monday, August 27, 2012

Vendors Welcome at Recovery Fest

We are looking for vendors for The McShin Foundation's 8th Annual Recovery Fest & 3rd Annual Barbecue Cook-Off on Saturday, September 8th. If you would like to market your business, sell your products, or set up a booth on behalf of your support group, please contact


Anonymous said...

I'm a member of Overeaters Anonymous. I'm grateful that OA has the opportunity to have a table at Recovery Fest. But I am disappointed that food is such a big part of the event. There won't be a bar. There won't be a poker tournament. But a barbecue cook off? I feel that the problem of compulsive overeating, which is grave, is not being given its proper recognition. If there is to be food, why not a healthy food stand instead of the excessive nature of a barbecue cook off?

Miss McShin said...

Thank you for expressing your concerns. Recovery Fest is an opportunity for us to be a face & voice of recovery. It is an event where we show the community, policy-makers and addicts who still suffer-that we do recover. There is a stigma associated with drug and alcohol addicts and we strive to change it. I am happy to hear OA will be setting up a booth, but in response to your post, is compulsive eating actually about food or covering up feelings???

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